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 The International Affiliated Societies of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Professional teachers organisations recognized by J STAT are the international Affiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique and some not yet affiliated AT organizations of accredited instructors which are committed to supporting the highest possible standards of teacher training and professional competence.
The objects for which those teaching bodies are established are to teach, expound, promote and propagate the theory and practice of the Alexander Technique of Re-Education based on the teaching, practice, theory and writings of F.Matthias Alexander (hereinafter called "the Alexander Technique"); to support teachers of
the Alexander Technique in their teaching.
Around the world those companies work to:

  • maintain and improve professional standards
  • make the Technique more widely known
  • facilitate contact between members
  • encourage research into the Technique
  • prevent abuse and exploitation by untrained people
Please click a country listed above to find your nearest Alexander teacher anywhere
around the world. The websites have excellent descriptions of the Alexander Technique and provide information and resources for Alexander lessons, classes, workshops and teacher training. All Alexander teachers registered in the J STAT database have been recognized by one of the teachers organizations listed above.
J STAT is not responsible for the contents of the websites of the Affiliated Societies,
or those of the AT organizations of Alexander teachers in USA, Sweden, Japan, Ireland and England, which are the responsibilities of the individual associations.
If you have further questions contact the office of the national AT organization.

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